Public Affairs & HealthTech: more than 25 years of experience in politics and business


Effective public affairs leads to the successful search for majorities.

Healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated markets. The high number of protagonists consistently leads not only to a diversity of concerns but often also to conflicts of interest.

With more than 25 years of experience in politics, medium-sized companies and large corporations, we know about the necessity for a recurrent change of perspective. That is why we see ourselves as a two-way consultancy and act not only as a representative of your interests, but also as an intermediary between you, politicians, organizations and corporations.

COALITION defines an alliance to the achievement of common goals. We stand by your side as a partner. We are POLITICAL STRATEGISTS.

Oliver Bruzek

Head of Public Affairs Division

Uwe Eibich

Head of HealthTech Division


We have been active in the political and technical environment of digital health for more than 25 years. We can call upon a resilient network throughout the entire business.


We understand complex structures in the health and eHealth environment. A precise analysis enables us to always find the best possible starting point with pinpoint accuracy.


With our methodological competence, we support common objectives with concrete solutions and an entire catalog of measures.


We accompany you in the founding of new business relationships and share with you our network of partners across the field.


The governance of the OECD for lobbying and the code of conduct of the lobby register are the basis of our efforts.


Trust and respect are the basis of our business. Both clients and partners value our work and confirm our excellent reputation.


In order to be heard it is necessary to adopt specific strategies.

Success can only be achieved if we can convince majorities and elucidate the rationale of your solutions. For targeted and powerful communication, we analyze the situation together with you by also bringing in the perspective of all relevant stakeholders. By doing so we create clarity about the existing framework conditions.

On the pillars of our decades of expertise in the health and eHealth industry, we provide orientation and deliver promising solutions. With the help of our string network, we shape opinions that draw notice to and value your products and enter into dialogue with players from politics, organizations and corporations.

Comparison of the current situation with your expectations and needs in terms of legal regulation and standardization
Assessment of chances of success
Monitoring of market developments and ongoing legislative procedures
Drafting of political communication goals and messages
Concept for publicizing your range of services and your messages to political decision-makers and the media
Identifying potential partners of cooperation B-to-B
Bringing specific interests into the legislative process, also via think tanks and associations
Identifying and portraying suitable mandate holders and multipliers
Initiation of talks with politically relevant parties

Politics is debate: This is how your political event will be made a success.

In order for your messages to have a profound effect, special formats are required. With personal dialogue, you create added value and multiply the impact of your political communication. We support you in the preparation, organization and implementation of your event at local and federal level.

Are you considering staging a political event? We know the political calendar and find a suitable format. In addition to the search for a suitable location, we take care of a tailor-made guest list and set the right priorities in the invitation letter. We take over both the complete organization in advance as well as on site, and as moderator ensure your event has a lasting impact.


Keeping an eye on the market: planning eHealth technology successfully.

Healthcare is, owing to legislation, a highly regulated market. Product development in healthcare therefore requires a deep technical understanding and good knowledge of the technical environment. Only when both skills are combined will a solution find its way into healthcare.

Complexity and statutory framework conditions create high entry hurdles for market newcomers and for established companies alike and make the successful marketing of products very challenging. Our knowledge the eHealth market spans decades and, as your competent partner, can advise you across the board:

From M & A advice, market analysis, company and product research right up to advice on sales and market communication. In addition to in-depth expertise in the processes and framework within the healthcare sector, you gain with us a partner on an equal footing in strategy and organizational issues, as well as an expert in IT consulting and analysis.


Do public affairs have the right status in your company?

With our seminars, your team – public affairs as well as specialist departments – will gain deeper insights into effective action in the political environment far beyond the basic mechanisms of lobbying. We share our decades of experience with you.

Employees are a decisive success factor in any company. Experienced in political work, but new to the healthcare industry, we help them navigate the jungle of this regulated market.

Or would you like to use experienced managers from your own ranks in the sphere of public affairs? We impart knowledge about the political arena, legislative processes and ways of influencing interest groups, as well as how to deal properly with elected officials.

Our seminars cover the entire spectrum and are individually tailored to the needs of your team. Let’s talk about how your public affairs team gets even better in being more efficient and how cooperation with your own inhouse specialist departments can be optimally structured.


Would you like to get to know us better?

We would be happy to find out how we could best support you and your business.

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